Over 6 years, an unspayed female,
her mate, their puppies, and their
puppies' puppies, if none are
neutered would lead to...

67,000 dogs

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low cost neutering...

Low cost neutering

One un-neutered cat over 1 year
can produce 12 kittens. Over 6 years
that's a staggering 66,088 kittens!

Find out how you can neuter your
cat with our low cost neutering scheme.

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Rehome an animal

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Warrington Animal Welfare

Warrington Animal Welfare is an entirely volunteer-run rescue, operating throughout Warrington and surrounding areas.
Our Mission is to:
  • Raise awareness of the importance of Neutering and Microchipping
  • Provide low cost neutering for pets whose owners are on benefits/low income
  • Offer help and assistance to rehome unwanted pets
If you would like to find out more about Warrington Animal Welfare, our history and the work we do in the community please click ‘About Us’ above.

Through our website you can find lots of useful information about the importance of neutering your pets can reduce the amount of stray and unwanted pets, but also the health benefits it brings. 
You can find other useful information such as, what is involved when having your pet microchipped and the benefits of this procedure.
Through our website Warrington Animal Welfare offer re-homing assistance, whereby owners can email us pictures and details of their pets that they need to rehome and we will post this information on this site and our Facebook and Twitter pages for perusal by potential new owners. If you would like to foster/adopt one of the pets listed, please take time to read our fostering and rehoming policies first.
If there is anything that you would like to know that isn’t covered on our website, please feel free to Contact Us.
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