Cost of rehoming – our adoption fees

We try to balance covering our costs with charging an affordable and reasonable amount. This fee includes neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, micro chipping and one month’s free pet insurance.
From the 27July 2020, due to increases in costs and the impact of the pandemic, we have had to review our adoption fees.
  • The adoption fee for a single cat or kitten is £85.
  • The adoption fee for a pair of cats or kittens is £160.
The cost of adopting an adult dog (12 months+) is between £185 - £250, depending on their age and health.  The donation for most adult dogs is £185.

The adoption fee to adopt a puppy (under 12 months old) is £300.
Please note that we do not rehome animals with children under 5 due to insurance reasons.  Most rescue centres have the same policy now, you can find out more about ours here.
Our adoption fees for rabbits are £90 a pair (£50 for a single if you have a rabbit to bond it with) and Guinea Pigs are £20 each, or £35 a pair (only male pigs are neutered).
We are always quite happy if people would like to make to donation on top!

Why charge adoption fees?

Some people believe that adopting an animal should be free as you are ‘doing them or us a favour’ – so we feel that it is important that everyone understands the average costs of rehoming an animal that comes through our care.
It costs £80 to neuter a male rabbit and £17.50 for vaccinations which is £97.50 without any other costs and we charge £45 for a rabbit (£80 for a pair), so the adoption fee for rabbits does not actually cover our costs.  It is similar for cats and dogs.
This total does NOT include costs such as vet bills if they need additional treatments.  We also have the costs of running the rescue centre – electricity, water rates, telephone, internet, insurances, advertising, staff costs, stationery, maintenance, improvement works, maintenance, cleaning materials - just to name a few obvious costs.
The only time we make any ‘profit’ is if an animal comes to us fully vaccinated, neutered and in good health and is rehomed on the same day!  All of which is put back into the charity, to help less fortunate animals.

The adoption fee also applies to animals we help to rehome from home to cover administration costs and to help support the work we do.  It also means that adoptors benefit from the same protection as those who adopt directly from the rescue centre - such as legal transferance of ownership, four weeks free insurance, micochip details change and rescue back up if the adoption does not work out.  It also gives previous owners peace of mind that if anything happened to their pets new owners, that they would always be in the care of WAW.
This is why we rely so on the generosity of our marvellous supporters.


Our adoption fees’, which supports our work and are non-returnable. 
Warrington Animal Welfare offers all their animals ‘Rescue Back Up’ for life and exists purely on the goodwill of our supporters and volunteers.
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