Max - Cross-breed (Akita x Lurcher x Labrador)
1 Year Old (DOB Jan 2017) male

Looking for a young and handsome chap? Max.jpg  

Then look no further than Max! Our gorgeous and very handsome crossbreed. Max has come to WAW after his owners ill health mean't he could no longer stay.

Max has been with us since August 2017 and has spent his first Christmas, Birthday and Easter in rescue which is so sad for a puppy!

He is very friendly and being a youngster is a bit of a giddy kipper... but what can you expect from such a young dog? He is comical character who regualarly has us in stitches!
He is already a big fella (5' 2" on his back legs) who needs an experienced and patient owner to continue his training. He is eager to learn but is a little un-focused at present. We would prefer a new owner to have experience handling large dogs and an interest in training. 

Max has been socialised with other dogs when younger but currently finds getting close to other dogs a little too exciting. We feel Max will be a social fellow with further socialising and training, he needs to be rehomed as a single dog so the main focus can be on furthering his training. Max has never lived with a cat and would prefer a home without a resident feline.Max-3.jpg

He loves his walks and is quite strong on the lead, once he gets going he does settle down and enjoys a good sniff. He loves to play ball and bound around chasing anything he can find. 

One of his faveourite past times is jumping up and over agility equipment.. and pretty much anything he can bound over. We feel he would be an excellent... yet a little clumsy candiate for agility. Overall, Max is just a big loveable goofball who really is too young to be stuck in kennels. With a little training and guidence he is going to make a fantastic dog.

We suggest that if you are interested in Max that you come to get to know him and meet him a few times before adoption.

Max has had contact with children in his previous home but will definately be better suited to an adult / teenager+ only household until his training has been furthered. 

To meet Max get in touch!  Don't let this gorgeous boy spend any more time in rescue!

01925 748637/8 (or facebook message)

We do not re-home to families with young children under 5 yrs. Home-checks within a reasonable distance of Warrington. All animals are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated where appropriate. We have specific rehoming polices for different types of animals; dogs are not to be left alone for extended periods of time, cats will not be rehomed on or near to a main road and rabbits/guinea pigs etc. must have suitable accommodation.
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