Santa Paws 2019

The Walton Arms, Old Chester Road
07/12/2019 12:00:00

All the animals in our care really want is a home for Christmas, but until that happens we need to make sure they are well looked after, cared for and loved. 
Every Christmas our doors remain open, we work 365 days a year to provide for the animals in our care this festive season.
With your help we can make sure that the animals in our care have a great Christmas. 
There are many different ways you can help and get involved:

Give a Gift! Donate Goods off Santa’s List

Donations don’t have to be cash!  We always need lots of thing to keep the centre running and the animals happy and fed.  We also need goods which we can sell or use on tombola’s.  Donations can be dropped off at the centre.  
  • WORKPLACE COLLECTION: Have a box in your workplace etc. and encourage your colleagues to donate items.
  • TOMBOLA ITEMS: Your unwanted gifts or items that can be used for tombola.  It really helps us to continue our fundraising activities.
  • SHOEBOX: Get your children involved and make up a little box for the animals for a furry friend who has no family to treat him/her at Christmas.
  • AMAZON WISHLIST: Visit our list and donate from the comfort of your own home - click here.
Wet & Dry Food – cats, dogs & kittens, rabbit and guinea pig food, dog training treats, poop bags, tombola Items, black bin bags (good quality), kitchen roll, good yard brush / inside brushes, Kong (strong) dog toy, washable scratching posts, good quality dog leads & collars, waterproof dog coats.
  • Dog Food - preferably grain free, dry dog food such as Wainwrights, James wellbeloved, or any other good quality grain free food.
  • Cat Food - prferably Whiskas or Felix pouches and biscuits.

Cash donation:

Make a secure one-off or regular donation - donations of any size or frequency are much appreciated, you can make a donation simply, safely and easily with JustGiving - we also receive an extra 20% from Gift Aid where appropriate and this means that your donation goes even further to help the animals.  Other ways you can donate include:
  • Text to Donate:
    To donate £1, text NEUT001 to 70201
    To donate £3, text NEUT001 to 70331
    To donate £5, text NEUT001 to 70970
    To donate £10, text NEUT001 to 70191
  • Charity Checkout
  • In person – drop in and visit us at the centre.

FUNdraising - fun ways you can help WAW this Christmas:

  • Christmas cards: Rather than sending Christmas cards this year, donate what you would have spent on cards to WAW (encourage friends and family too!)
  • Bake sale: Everyone loves a cake!  Hold a bake sale in your workplace, sports club, community centre.  What's not to love, you get to eat cakes and raise money for WAW!
  • Dress Like Your Pet’ day: We know you all love dressing up, but what about having a fundraising day at your work where everyone dresses as their pet for a day?  It may mean your receptionist is dressed as a Labrador but it will certainly get your visitors talking!  So shake things up with the dressing in PJ’s at work idea and dress as your pet instead and raise money for WAW's kittens who are looking for homes!
  • Other ideas: Bake Sale, Sponsored – swim, silence, run etc., Music event, Swap event, Swear box, Pub quiz, Office bingo, Raffle, Car boot sale, Bring and buy sale, Sponsored dog walk, Coffee morning, Collection box at work (for donations or items e.g. pet food or tombola items), Work tuck shop box, Dress down day / Non uniform day, Guess number of sweets in a jar, Name the Teddy.

Become ‘A Friend of WAW’:

Do you want to help and support the animals in our care over the long term?  Then become a friend of WAW.  You can set up a monthly sponsorship donation simply, safely and easily with JustGiving.  You can sign up for any monthly amount and we will add you to our charity newsletter by email so you are always up to date with the team and animals at WAW.  Find out more about becoming a friend of WAW here


We could not run the rescue without volunteers and with a range of ways you can help, we are sure there is a role for you.  Find out more about volunteering here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters!

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Rescues are again having to come to the aid of ill chicks, which have resulted from hatching projects. Including these two tiny babies – Rain & Bow, who were brought to WAW from a local primary school after being hatched three days earlier, unable to walk or eat.

The school contacted the supplier for advice – a national company as featured on CBeebies – who just advised the school to “help them on their way”.
They are both very poorly and sadly, Rain and Bow didn't make it, they passed away within hours of each other. The amazing Every Feather & Wildlife Rescue did everything they could but their little bodies gave out in the end they fell asleep.
We were also contact by a teacher from Widnes, who was advised to release two unwanted male chicks into a field for ‘fodder for wild birds’!
There is a cruelty to hatching projects - it isn't easy to successfully hatch something, mums turn the eggs regularly and the heat and moisture are very important. Often these chicks are born with deformities or injuries. They are handled sometimes by children who don't know how fragile they are which can lead to further injuries. When their time is up at the school the future is often a short one. 
Despite good intentions, the problems with classroom chick-hatching means that some students may come away with unintended, negative lessons. Students may learn that bringing a life into the world is not a serious, long term responsibility and that the life of an animal is unimportant. When imperfect chicks are disposed of, students may infer that physical abnormalities make living beings worthless. Rather than implying in students a sense of respect and appreciation for the wonders of the animal world, classroom chick hatching may imply that animals are disposable educational tools.


We are asking you to also take a minute to sign the LuckyHens Rescue Wigan petition to ban the practice of chick hatching - click here to sign the petition.
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***MISSING OVER A WEEK - WAW Resident Cat Ronald***

We have not seen our centre cat, Ronald since Monday 6th May, and the RSPCA saw him on Tuesday - but he has not been for his food and we are all very worried and upset as this is not like him.

😺 If you work near the centre can you keep an eye out or check your buildings - Slutchers Lane/Centre Parks.
😺 If you visited the centre on Tuesday 7th he could have got into your car.
😺 If you spot a ginger boy around town / Bank Quay then get in touch.

Obviously he is chipped and neutered.

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DONATE.pngHelp us to reduce the amount of unwanted and abandoned animals in our local area and support our local communities.

You have been so supportive of Warrington Animal Welfare but we are asking you again to help to raise £12,000 to set up an on-site neutering clinic, so we can help save more lives.
WAW is a community based, local, independent animal rescue charity and receives no Government funding, we believe that neutering (spaying / castrating) a pet is the best way to protect pets and improve the welfare of the wider cat and dog population.
Each year 1,000s of unwanted cats, dogs and rabbits end of in rescue centres, live miserable lives on the streets or end up suffering a painful death.
The volume or unwanted animals are pushing rescues to breaking point and each year, despite our best efforts it seems to be getting worse – kitten season in 2018, was the worse we had seen, despite our on-going efforts to neuter cats across our communities.
Every year we are have litters of kittens born in sheds, skips or backs of abandoned vehicles.  Dogs thrown from moving cars and puppies dumped at the side of the road.
Every year we are dealing with kittens dumped in carrier bags and left to die – this has to stop!
Our goal is to prevent unwanted litters by helping those people who are unable to afford private veterinary fees by opening an on-site neutering clinic. 

We are looking to do the project in three phases:

  • PHASE 1 – setting up the clinic, buying the equipment, creating a clinic space and working with the volunteer vets and vet nurses. 
  • PHASE 2 – pilot the clinic to ensure smooth running, initially looking after animals that come into the care of WAW and working with other small, independent local charities. 
  • PHASE 3 – opening the service up to our local communities, providing a free / low cost neutering service for pets belonging to owners who cannot afford private veterinary fees (this includes owners on benefits, a low income e.g. people working part time, students and pensioners). 

Your donation would go towards:

Your donation, no matter the amount, would mean a lot to us and the animals is saves from a miserable life.
Your donation will be used to set up the clinic and to help with on-going running costs.  As you can imagine, we will need the correct equipment for the job, the list of what we need is extensive but includes; monitoring equipment, anaesthesia, spay kits, ET tubes, operating table, walk on scales, dental machines, dental kits, heat pads, fridge, clippers, trolley, lighting, consumables e.g. and much more! 
Your donation will not be used to pay for any salaries, as we have vets and vet nurses who are donating their time for free. 

What this would mean to WAW and the local community…

Having the on-site clinic would relived pressure on the charities precious and limited resources – saving both time and money.
These resources could be used to do work else-where, such as in education on responsible pet ownership in our communities and allowing us to do more rescue and rehome of vulnerable animals.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you would like any more information email

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world-spay-day-logo-no-date.jpgTuesday 26 February 2019 is the 24th annual World Spay Day and WAW are happy to promote such an important cause!
Neutering is the only humane way to reduce the number of stray and unwanted pets that are cruelly abandoned or needlessly destroyed.  We can HELP YOU and help to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens, puppies and rabbits who are dumped or left without homes each year.
Neutering can also have lots of behavioural and health benefits:
  • Can encourage calmer more predictable behaviour
  • Reduces aggressive and unwanted sexual behaviour e.g. fighting, mounting and being destructive
  • Dogs/cats that have been neutered are less likely to mark their territory or stray
  • Early neutering can reduce the risk of some cancers developing in later life
  • Lower risk of certain diseases such as FIV and leukaemia in cats
  • Increases average lifespan
  • Neutering stops bitches suffering from potentially fatal womb infections (known as Pyometras)

Cats – get your cats neutered for free with WAW

Female cats can become pregnant at a few months old and can have 3 litters a year, so one unneutered female can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just five years! Our advice is simple: having your cat spayed before they are four months old is a safe and painless way to stop this from happening.
Male cats should be neutered too, to protect them from catching diseases and fighting with other males.
Our low cost and in some cases free neutering scheme can help, find out more here.
You can also access free neutering via the Cats Protection, check out the website or contact your local CP for special offers.


There are thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK, many of which are needlessly destroyed each year. If owners were to have their dogs neutered, much of this unnecessary suffering could be avoided.  You can have your dog neutered for just £50 with the Dogs Trust, certain criteria apply, find out more on their website.
If you do not fit their criteria please contact us about our low cost neutering scheme.


It’s important to your rabbits’ welfare that they live in pairs or groups and neutering allows them to do this.  It prevents life-threatening health problems (especially in female rabbits) and, of course, prevents unwanted pregnancies.  There are thousands of unwanted rabbits in rescue centres already, please don’t add to this by breeding from your pets.

We can help you neuter your rabbit, so please contact us about our low cost neutering scheme.

Neutering saves lives! Take your responsibility as a pet owner seriously and protect your pet today. 

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