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The plight of the feral: Helping the unseen and abandoned cats in our community

Not all heroes wear capes!  Feral-2.PNG

Especially when you are out nearly every night in all weathers trapping and helping feral cats.  Meet 
Margaret and her husband James who work tirelessly to help improve the lives of feral cats in our local area. 
How did you start helping out feral cats?
About seven years ago I saw lots of cats and kittens at Centre Park in Warrington and I tried to get them help.  By speaking to people, I realised that this was a major problem as they were already busy helping other cats.  So I decided to get my own trap and basket and just from that one site we helped 80 cats.  From then on, we have not really stopped.
What do you do with the cats and kittens?
The priority is to neuter cats to prevent the problem from getting worse.  
Most of the cats would not make great pets and we try and find these cats homes as ‘working cats’ where they can live on farms and liveries.   Some cats have to be  released back where we find them – but they will have been health checked and neutered. 
Friendly cats, who have found themselves homeless after being left by their owners, can often be rehomed and if we manage to rescue kittens before they become too wild, we can get them used to being handled and then we find them loving forever homes. 
I actually kept three cats from the first rescue and they are still with us today. The majority of the cats and kittens are rehomed via WAW. 
How many animals have you helped?
I have lost count how many we have rescued – but it would be in the thousands, we have just rescued 51 cats from Widnes alone! 
What is your average day?
It’s never ending – we trap the cats and take them home, the next day they see the vet and then back to our house for care and a personality assessment to decide on what would be the best option for them.  We have even trapped when abroad on our holidays! 
Why do you do it?
It’s so rewarding!  Every time WAW get a call, James and I go out and trap, and we always come back with what we have gone for, even if it can take time and few goes – you need to be very patient 
sometimes, but it is worth it in the end. 
From WAW “Margaret and James are fantastic volunteers and WAW are so proud to work with them.  We want to take this opportunity to champion the amazing and often unrecognised work they do to help unwanted and abandoned cats.”  

Help us to continue to help unwanted and abandoned cats:

Many of our regular supporters are now giving to WAW via our charity account on the online fundraising site, Just Giving.  The money goes directly to WAW, making it a safe and secure way to fundraise and donate online. We can claim Gift Aid where appropriate and this means that your donation goes even further to help the animals. Check out our Just Giving Page.

Other ways you can donate include:
  • Direct Debit / Standing Order: Set up a regular or a one off Direct Debit - using Sort Code 60 20 29  /  A/c Number 50246798  /  Bank: Natwest
  • Charity Checkout
  • PayPal - using
  • *Text to Donate:
    To donate £1, text NEUT001 to 70201
    To donate £3, text NEUT001 to 70331
    To donate £5, text NEUT001 to 70970
    To donate £10, text NEUT001 to 70191

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