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World Spay Day 2019 – neutering saves lives!

world-spay-day-logo-no-date.jpgTuesday 26 February 2019 is the 24th annual World Spay Day and WAW are happy to promote such an important cause!
Neutering is the only humane way to reduce the number of stray and unwanted pets that are cruelly abandoned or needlessly destroyed.  We can HELP YOU and help to reduce the amount of unwanted kittens, puppies and rabbits who are dumped or left without homes each year.
Neutering can also have lots of behavioural and health benefits:
  • Can encourage calmer more predictable behaviour
  • Reduces aggressive and unwanted sexual behaviour e.g. fighting, mounting and being destructive
  • Dogs/cats that have been neutered are less likely to mark their territory or stray
  • Early neutering can reduce the risk of some cancers developing in later life
  • Lower risk of certain diseases such as FIV and leukaemia in cats
  • Increases average lifespan
  • Neutering stops bitches suffering from potentially fatal womb infections (known as Pyometras)

Cats – get your cats neutered for free with WAW

Female cats can become pregnant at a few months old and can have 3 litters a year, so one unneutered female can be responsible for 20,000 descendants in just five years! Our advice is simple: having your cat spayed before they are four months old is a safe and painless way to stop this from happening.
Male cats should be neutered too, to protect them from catching diseases and fighting with other males.
Our low cost and in some cases free neutering scheme can help, find out more here.
You can also access free neutering via the Cats Protection, check out the website or contact your local CP for special offers.


There are thousands of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK, many of which are needlessly destroyed each year. If owners were to have their dogs neutered, much of this unnecessary suffering could be avoided.  You can have your dog neutered for just £50 with the Dogs Trust, certain criteria apply, find out more on their website.
If you do not fit their criteria please contact us about our low cost neutering scheme.


It’s important to your rabbits’ welfare that they live in pairs or groups and neutering allows them to do this.  It prevents life-threatening health problems (especially in female rabbits) and, of course, prevents unwanted pregnancies.  There are thousands of unwanted rabbits in rescue centres already, please don’t add to this by breeding from your pets.

We can help you neuter your rabbit, so please contact us about our low cost neutering scheme.

Neutering saves lives! Take your responsibility as a pet owner seriously and protect your pet today. 

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