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Christmas DANGER for your pets!

Dog eating baublesThe festive season can be a strange time for our pets.  Their usual home environment is filled with trees, flowers and other decorations and there are odd noises such as crackers and fireworks.  Your routine is likely to change and there may be unfamiliar visitors coming to the house.  

We have tried to give you a few of the most common Christmas dangers around the home for your pets below. 
Food hazards - chocolate, onions, nuts, blue cheese, fruit cakes, puddings and mince pies can all be toxic to dogs.  Watch out for turkey bones as these can cause choking, constipation or cause damage to your pet’s intestines. 
Kitten in a Christmas treeChristmas trees - Most species are low toxicity but may cause a mild gastrointestinal upset if chewed. Pine needles in themselves can get stuck in paws and cause irritation as well as potentially causing irritation or perforation of the intestines if eaten. Vacuum daily and ideally keep plenty of water in the bucket to help reduce the number of fallen needles.
Decorations - Christmas decorations are designed to look attractive and beautiful, unfortunately this usually means they are also tempting to your furry friends. Whilst not often toxic in their own right they can still cause significant problems if ingested.  Your pet may also get a nasty shock if they chew through the electrical cable for your Christmas lights!  Artificial snow is toxic so best avoided.
Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia - All of these pretty types of festive foliage are mildly toxic if ingested and can cause vomiting, drooling, diarrhoea to name a few, so should be avoided or kept well out of reach.
Batteries - all batteries are toxic, if the battery is chewed and pierced it can cause chemical burns and heavy metal poisoning or choking if swallowed whole.  Always see your vet if you think your pet has swallowed one.
Presents - Make sure any tasty or tempting presents are placed high enough out of the way so that your dog/cat can’t help themselves.
Antifreeze - anti freeze ingestion is very dangerous. It is sweet-tasting and very palatable. Even a relatively small quantity can cause serious kidney damage and can be fatal.  Unfortunately the longer the delay between ingestion of the anti freeze and initiation of treatment the less favourable the prognosis.

Keep your pets safe this Christmas!
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