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Pets are not presents!

Picture7.JPGOur centre is full of animals that were bought as a gift.  The initial excitement soon wares off when worn the reality of the hard work and commitment involved in having a pet hits home.
Finding a gift for loved ones can sometimes be tricky and at first glance, giving a pet as a present might seem like an incredibly special and thoughtful gift, whether that be a kitten or a puppy, or a smaller pet like a hamster or a mouse. This is especially true if you know that the person you are shopping for loves animals and would possibly welcome receiving a pet as a gift.  Giving a pet as a present is never a good idea, for a whole host of reasons.   
  • People’s personal situations – they may live somewhere that does not allow pets, they may not be able to afford it or have allergies. 
  • The choice of pet is personal – choosing the right pet is a personal process, everyone should select their own animal that suits them and their home.
  • Timing – do they have the time to look after a pet properly
  • Taking on the responsibility of caring for another life is no minor undertaking, and it is up to each and every potential pet owner to make sure that they are ready for this challenge both in terms of logistics such as time and money, and emotionally as well.  Pets are not presents, and living animals do not make good gifts. The only person that you should be considering getting an animal for, ever, is yourself!
Puppy-Farm.jpgAlso consider that puppies born at this time for year as Christmas gifts have most likely come from a puppy farm.  So please think twice before giving a living thing as a gift this Christmas.

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