About Warrington Animal Welfare

Helping Animals in Need - Warrington Animal Welfare

Warrington Animal Welfare (WAW) is a registered charity, a community focused non-profit organisation caring for abandoned, abused and unwanted domestic animals.

Caring for all pets

Our Mission is to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of responsible pet ownership, neutering and microchipping.
  • Provide low-cost neutering for pets whose owners are on benefits/low income to reduce the amount of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets in Warrington and the surrounding areas.
  • Supporting our local communities via the rescue and rehoming service - offering help and assistance to rehome unwanted pets.  Giving them food, shelter, love, medication and socialisation before they can be rehomed.

Warrington Animal Welfare is also involved in community campaigns, these include:

  • Support and manage feral cat populations with food, shelter, neutering and release.
  • Working in deprived communities to offer advice on responsible pet ownership and financial support to neuter pets.

Warrington Animal Welfare was originally established in 1983 by Joan Rimmer B.E.M. and June Jackson - who have both sadly passed - to provide financial support for pet owners on low income or benefits to help them to pay to have their pets neutered, in a bid to reduce the amount of stray, abandoned and unwanted pets in Warrington.

In 2013 Warrington Animal Welfare opened our first rescue centre in Warrington, which has allowed us to help a lot more unwanted pet.

The charity is solely funded by kind donations and fundraising.

If there is anything that you would like to know that isn’t covered on our website, please contact us.

Our happy endings are only possible with your support!