Corporate Involvement

Corporate involvement with Warrington Animal Welfare

Corporate Involvement to help Warrington Animal Welfare

Can your business or organisation help Warrington Animal Welfare?

By choosing Warrington Animal Welfare as your chosen/corporate charity you can help us to keep the charity operational and to be able continue to give animals a voice. 
Funds allow us continue to run our rescue/rehoming centre, pay for veterinary treatment, support animals in our foster homes and help us to continue to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in and around the Warrington area, via our ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ campaigns, which not only encourage people to Neuter and Microchip their pets but also where necessary, to provide assistance with the cost of these procedures for owners who are on benefits or low income.
Over the last 35 years we have run successful campaigns, some of these working with local councils and this has only been possible thanks to the generosity of people who like, Warrington Animal Welfare believe that Neutering pets is the only way to really make an impact on this growing problem and save lives.

Here are some ways you can help WAW, just contact us for more information on: 

Warrington Animal Welfare as your Charity of the Year

A mutually beneficial arrangement as we work together on promotional activities throughout the year and promote each other along the way, developing our brands and visibility. If you can supply staff and raise funds for us we can supply support materials to help you.

Making Warrington Animal Welfare, your businesses 'Charity of the Year' will not only show your staff you care, but will shout that message loud to your customers too!

We can profile you via our website, at our well supported open days and fundraising events and mention you in newsletters and via our social media feeds. Our appreciation can only work for you in a positive way.

Please contact us to discuss further.

Gifts in Kind to Warrington Animal Welfare

There are many ways, other than through a basic cash donation, that you and your team can help us to help the animals.  Below are just a few of them...
  • Knowledge sharing - you might be kind enough to donate the expertise of a member of your staff on occasion, for example, if we have a question about finance your accountant may be able to help us, or if we planning a social media strategy your marketing manager might be able to give us some advice.
  • Facilities - nearly every square foot of WAW is dedicated to the re-homing and treatment of the animals in our care (we even have dogs and cats in our staff room and our offices) so there are occasions when we would be very grateful for the use of a meeting room if you had such facilities available.
  • Seconds - if you are in manufacture or retail you might from time to time have damaged stock or items you just cannot sell. WAW can raise funds with these items by selling them. Every penny can make a difference so please give us a shout if this should be the case.
  • Auction items - both of us can benefit from well publicised auctions, if you give us a premium item to auction/raffle (this can even be in the form of a service) we will ensure everyone knows who the generous donor is and of course we will raise much needed funds for the centres.

Please contact us to discuss further.

Match Funding to help Warrington Animal Welfare

What better way to bolster morale than to celebrate the fundraising efforts of you staff by matching their contributions pound for pound?
Many organisations set a yearly allowance per staff member for matched funding thus encouraging something priceless.

Sponsorships in aid of Warrington Animal Welfare

We have opportunities for you to sponsor events, projects, animals or a mix of these.
We have found that if an organisation has a target to work towards, is kept informed and can see the progress of a project through to completion they are more likely to help us.
During the sponsorship period we will give you as much publicity as we can, keep you informed and where applicable erect a plaque in your name.
There are always projects we would like to undertake and events imminent, the outlay for a project may range from small to large and may be of short to long term duration.
Animal sponsorship can range from funding food bills to paying for operations and may also cover areas such as upgrading animal housing or supporting outreach projects. This is an ongoing and ever changing area and we will happily discuss specific cases with you if you contact us.

Staff Involvement with fundraising for the charity

Fundraising activities can help build teams and strengthen relationships between staff and employer.
Allowing your staff to fundraise for Warrington Animal Welfare, benefits both WAW and your business.
Check out our fundraising ideas page to get some ideas on what your staff can do.

Payroll Giving (G.A.Y.E) ti benefit Warrington Animal Welfare

Payroll giving (Give As You Earn) allows employees  to give to charities straight from their gross salaries on paydays. It’s an excellent way to give, because the donation is given before tax.
Example, if you donate £20 – it will cost you £16 – the taxman will pay the difference.
Your accountant, payroll, or HR department can advise on the logistics of setting this up within the company.
Regular donations enable us to know when money is coming in so that we can plan ahead.  Speak to your HR/payroll department

Warrington Animal Welfare Supporting you

We are keen to support your fundraising and activities.  So whether you want to fundraise for us over several years, or just for one term; we’re just happy that you’ve chosen us!  Whatever the reason for your support, it would be great if you could highlight that you’ve chosen us to fundraise for early on, so that we can help in whichever way you need.
For instance, we’d be more than happy to come in and give a talk to everyone if this is appropriate. We also love a good story, so we’d like to publicise your achievements as much as possible in the local press, on our social media (our Facebook has 25k+ followers and growing) and on our website.