Fostering Rabbits & Guineas

Foster rabbits and guinea pigs for Warrington Animal Welfare

Fostering Rabbits and Guinea Pigs at Warrington Animal Welfare

We also need reasonably experienced foster homes for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Things to consider to foster animals

  • You have appropriate and correctly sized housing - rabbits particularly need a lot of space, and even though rabbits / guinea pigs are only in foster care temporarily we still seek to meet the latest recommendations and ensure they have as much space as possible.
  • Rabbits / guinea pigs could be placed with you either individually or in bonded pairs, and each placement would need to be housed in their own environment.
  • We recommend that foster placements are kept totally separate from any of your own rabbits / guinea pigs too.
  • Rabbits and guinea pigs cannot live together.
  • As a fosterer we would ask that you would help feed and exercise the rabbits / guinea pigs in your care.
  • You would need to buy and provide for their day-to-day needs for food, hay, bedding materials, and any additional toys and treats you may wish to offer them.
  • That you have enough space to store hay, food, hutch and run / housing.
  • You would be happy to possibly socialise nervous rabbits and provide exercise.
  • You would be happy to clean the hutch and run out regularly, whatever the weather.
  • Are able to carry out careful observation and monitoring may be needed when fostering post-neutered rabbits and guinea pigs, as complications can occasionally arise.
If you are seriously interested in fostering rabbits and guinea pigs for Warrington Animal Welfare and are happy to undergo our standard home check, then please contact us via our webform (click here), email or 01925 748638 (please understand we have limited capacity for phone calls, so it will help us if you could send a message and we'll get in touch).
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