Home Check before we Rehome every animal

what to expect from Warrington Animal Welfare Home Check

What to Expect from a Warrington Animal Welfare Home Check

The home-check is a relaxed, short visit, which is carried out before we rehome every animal.  Its purpose is to check that your home offers a safe environment and loving forever home for the animal you have reserved.
It is also an opportunity for adopters to ask questions about the animals and an opportunity for WAW to give you advice on settling in your new pet.

We are looking for different things for different animals, these include:

  • Cat / Kitten: We will check is how busy the area is, proximity to main roads, whether there is a cat flap and if not then what suitable shelter is available should you need to go out before your cat comes home.
  • Dog / Puppy: We will check that your garden is secure and if there are any issues – such as a broken fence panel – we will raise this with you and give you the opportunity to resolve the issue. Once resolved we will arrange a time with you to carry out the official adoption at the rescue centre.
  • Rabbit / Guinea Pig: We will check to ensure the environment, indoor or outdoor, is a safe one for the animals, including the access to an outside run.  Therefore we will only carry out the home-check once the living conditions are in place.
We aim to inform you if you have passed within 24 hours.  If any concerns e.g. an unsecure gardens, are raised during the home-check you will be given the opportunity to make the necessary changes to put things right, within a reasonable amount of time.
Once everyone is happy and the check has passed we will make an appointment for you to come down to the centre where the adoption paperwork will be completed.