Charity helped Ex-Battery Farmed Hen Rescue saving nearly 2000 hens

Animal welfare charity helped save 2000 ex-battery farmed hens

Nearly 2000 hens saved after charity helped with ex-battery farmed hen rescue

Last month, the day after National Poultry Day we were part of a rescue, along with Phoenix Hen Rescue UK which saw nearly 2,000 ex-battery hens, rescued and into ethical homes.
These lucky girls will soon get to enjoy the sun and feel the grass under their feet for the first time.  
Along with the female hens which are discarded as soon as they are not producing enough eggs, the egg industry also kills around 6 billion unwanted male chicks each year.
Eggs marked "cage-free", "free-range", and "organic" do not spare these day-old birds from getting shredded, crushed, or gassed to death. 
You can find out more at (Warning upsetting images).
Please note, the rescue fully complied with within current Covid-19 and Bird Flu restrictions.