Helping to save Ben's sight!

We needyour help – we are raising £5,500 to help Ben see again.

Labrador X, Ben, came into the care of WAW along with his siblings who were all terribly sick with Parvovirus. We managed to save most of the puppies, and they found wonderful forever homes (see page 14), but poor six-month-old Ben has been left with some on-going medical issues – he has diabetes and has now nearly gone blind.

After been seen by a specialist, Ben needs cataract surgery in both eyes, which is going to cost the charity £5,500 – however the vets believe this will be apermanent solution and Ben will be able to go on to live a normal life.

Ben is currently in a wonderful foster home with one of our volunteers, until losing sight, lovely Ben was happy playful boy, who would spend hours chasing his ball and playing with his toys and curling up on the couch for a cuddle.  His foster Dad, said:

“It is such a shame to see such a confident young man becoming more and more frightened as his sight worsens.  We are heartbroken to see him no longer playing with his ball, which he loved so much.  He still loves to play with the other dogs and sitting on us for lots of cuddles.”

We will do everything we can to get him back to the confident playful puppy and make sure he has a wonderful life.


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To help raise funds, three of our staff Heidie, Jackie and Lorraine (Trustee) are taking up a challenge to do 50 squats a day during June, why not show your support here: - keep updated on our Facebook page!

If you can spare even a small amount to help cover the costs of Ben’s surgery please donate today!