Neutering: Saving lives throughout the pandemic!

Thanks to our on-site neutering clinic, we have been able to continue to neuter animals throughout the pandemic.

This has never been so important especially concerning cats and the expected kitten crisis caused by lockdown.  With fewer vets carrying out neutering procedures during lockdown, an estimated extra 84,000 kittens were born during last year alone.

Since March 2020, we have neutered c500 cats and kittens at our on-site clinic alone, as well as 150 in partnership with local vets and as Cats Protection voucher advocates.  Plus, around 70 dogs via our clinic and off site vets.

On 23 February, WAW again supported ‘World Spay Day 2021’, neutering and chipping 11 cats from our community in the on-site clinic, with volunteer vets and nurses, to prevent unwanted litters and infections.  Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to match the 77 we carried out in 2020, but we will hopefully be scheduling some more community neuter days as soon as we as we can.

We have been feeling the impact of this ‘kitten crisis’ and are really worried about the long-term impact on the number of feral and unwanted cats, which then go on to breed in the years to come.   So, we ask that you neuter your cat and don’t make the problem even worse.

Struggling financially? Get your pet neutered with WAW:
The WAW Low-Cost Neutering scheme (which covers cats, dogs, and rabbits) can help local people on benefits or a low income who are struggling with the costs of neutering their pets.

If you need help to neuter your cat, dog or rabbit then contact us via the online form.  If you are not online, call 01925 748638. 

Not sure if you are eligible?
Please still get in touch so we can advise you on your options. 

Let us HELP YOU, your pets and reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted animals.