Reinstating Direct Debits and Standing Orders

We need supporters to reinstate their regular Direct Debit or Standing Order Donations.

Due to a technical issue, we were recently forced to change our bank account, which has resulted in an existing regular Direct Debits or Standing Orders being stopped, as the bank were unable to transfer them to the new account, meaning that we have lost all those desperately needed regular donations.

Unfortunately, the bank was not able to contact those with the Direct Debits or Standing orders set up and were unable to share details with the charity due to data protection.


As you can imagine, this is a potential disaster for the charity, as every single penny counts.

Please, can you take five minutes reinstate your regular donation, using our new bank account details:

  • Sort Code: 60 20 29
  • Account Number: 46781110
  • Account Name: Warrington Animal Welfare (comes up as a business account)
  • Bank: NatWest

You can also set up monthly donations, that also add Gift Aid, via Just Giving, Charity Checkout (Donate), or Text to Donate:

  • To donate £3, text NEUT001 to 70331
  • To donate £5, text NEUT001 to 70970
  • ​To donate £10, text NEUT001 to 70191

Thanks in advance and apologies for any inconvenience.