Rehoming Pets and Rescue Animals Responsibly

Responsible pet remoning with Warrington Animal Welfare

Responsible Pet & Rescue Animal Rehoming with Warrington Animal Welfare

Making the decision to rehome a pet is never an easy one and if you have come to the decision that there is no other option than rehoming your pet then you should always go through a reputable rescue.

WAW mainly rehomes domestic pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, but we can also advise you about rehoming other pets such as birds, rodents, lizards etc.

Please note that WAW is a unable to help rehome dog breeds, banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA).

WAW can help you rehome your pet(s) in two number of ways:

Pet rehoming through our rescue centre

WAW have a limited number of rescue places on site at our rescue centre and we generally operate a waiting list of animals waiting to come in.  However, we may need to prioritise animals who are in need and not on the list e.g. those in danger.  We will discuss this with you when you get in contact.

Before Rehoming a dog

Prior to WAW agreeing to rehome your dog, we will need to carry out a ‘behavioural assessment’ to ensure the dog is suitable for rehoming.  This is usually done at our rescue centre.  Ideally the dogs will also have been vet checked.

We do not need to carry out assessments for cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

When a rescue space becomes available, we will contact you to arrange for you to bring your pet into the centre, where you will legally surrender your pet to WAW.  Then your pet will be put up for rehoming via our networks.

Using a Warrington Animal Welfare Foster home

WAW has a small network of amazing and dedicated fosterers who may be able to offer your pet a home until WAW are able to rehome them. 

‘Home to Home’ pet rehoming

If you can keep hold of your pet until a new home can be found, then WAW can offer ‘re-home from home’ assistance.  This means your pet will stay in your home until a suitable new home is found.

If you are re-homing a dog, we will still need to carry out the ‘behavioural assessment’.

Once you have signed up to ‘rehome from home’ we will use our networks to find your pet a suitable new home, whilst they stay with you.

WAW will screen potential adopters and plan for them to meet your pet.  You will need to be involved in the process, bringing your pet to meet potential owners, sending in photos etc.

Once a new home is identified you will need to bring your pet to the centre and complete the surrender paperwork prior to the adoption (which usually takes place the same day).  Like with all adoptions the new owners will be fully home-checked.

As the number of animals needing rehoming vastly outweighs the number of rescue places, you may need to be patient and join waiting lists for several rescues.  By doing this you can be assured that your pet will end up in a new loving home.

We also advise you contact other ethical animal rescues.

We also advise that you should never give any pet away on social media or free to a good home, find out more here