Warrington Animal Welfare volunteers successful rescue of Barn Owls and Chickens

Barn owl & chicken rescue by Animal Rescue Warrington Animal Welfare

Warrington Animal Welfare volunteers rescue of Barn Owls and Chickens 

Last week we received a phone call asking for help with a number of hens and 2 barn owls that have been bred and raised in captivity.  We were surprised to be asked to help with a wildlife animal in need, but we have never turned away from a rescue and we were determined to try and help.  After a lot of investigative work we were advised that the owls would probably never be able to be released to the wild as they would have no experience of finding their own food.  

This rescue took a lot of coordinating as we had to find homes for all 25 hens and a wildlife sanctuary that could provide for the owls.  We had an overwhelming response to our appeal for hen homes and after screening each one we were happy we had homes for all 25 girls.  The owls had also secured their forever homes with a sanctuary.

Animal welfare volunteers

A pair of volunteers arrived at the property on Saturday morning in the most horrific weather conditions where they had to scramble around in filthy conditions to catch and load the 25 hens.  Once secured in our animal ambulance we transported them back to the centre where their new families came to collect them.  We then returned to the property and with the help of an experienced vet nurse managed to catch the owls and secure them in carriers.  Sadly the chick was nowhere to be seen so we placed mum and her two eggs safely in a carrier and transported her and dad 2.5 hours each way where they are currently doing very well.

Without the continued commitment of our volunteers and supporters this kind of rescue would not have been possible.

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